All For The Sacred Heart

This phrase most adequately describes Michael and his passion to create music that is beautiful and uplifting. His music spans World, Jazz, Folk, Liturgical, and Sound Track genres while his thematic focus remains consistent; revealing an intimate look at the Merciful Face of Christ to encourage confidence in God.

"When I sing I feel hopeful - most alive- and that all things are possible."

"My mission is to bring Jesus wherever I am and to hold His people in my heart. to realize everything through the pure lens of mercy is to experience and then offer the fragrance of reassurance to others.”

Michael is a vocalist, musician, and composer who writes and produces his own work and has done so for many others. He has recorded with Gloria Estefan's Miami Sound Machine, musicians from the Allman Brothers Band, John Tesh, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Phil Collins, Genesis and world renown orchestral players.

Today, Michael gives concerts all over the world and also makes short films that explore much of the thematic content in his music in order to reveal an intimate look at the Merciful Face of Christ.


VIRTUES - voice

VIRTUES - instrumental